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Smart Jobs Scheduling dynamically keeps pace with factory technology Smarter Scheduling® delivers value in any workplace.

Schedule more effectively and more realistically, no matter how complex your environment —
with patented nMetric scheduling software and Smart Job® technology.


Traditional planning tools often prove to be inflexible, algorithmically driven to optimize on a few predefined criteria, and making exceptions are difficult to address. Also, as production mix shifts and changes increase, the increasing number exceptions bog down the system. Typically, you are forced to plan against snapshots in time rather than current reality, resulting in a schedule that is obsolete almost before it is issued.

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nMetric software provides capabilities in four main areas of any make-to-order enterprise, all uniquely powered and/or informed by patented Smart Job technology.

eBooks A self assessment tool to identify the effectiveness of your production eBooks Hidden costs of sub-optimal scheduling eBooks Turn Demand-Driven theory into action.