WHY nMetric?

Complex, high-mix manufacturing environments need flexible planning solutions. Traditional tools often aren’t able to make exceptions or address issues given their limited scope. On the other hand, nMetric’s Smart Job Technology was designed to be flexible enough to handle any issue. It creates software objects for each task which allows them to “talk” to one another, allocating resources based on priority and availability. This kind of smart scheduling embraces everyday realities in order to avoid delays — keeping production on time and on track.


Transform any high-mix or custom discrete manufacturing environment into a predictable, reliable, flexible, demand-driven operation – with patented nMetric scheduling software.

nMetric’s goal is to make the job of scheduling high-change, high-mix manufacturing environments easier, less time-consuming, and more productive.

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Traditional planning tools often prove to be inflexible, algorithmically driven to optimize on a few predefined criteria, making exceptions difficult to address. Also, as production mix shifts and changes increase, the increasing number of exceptions can bog down traditional systems. nMetric’s system, however, creates software objects for each task (Smart Jobs) and then, by applying probability and heuristic math, generates a virtual environment where Smart Jobs can negotiate with each other to reserve the resources they need.

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Complex, high-mix manufacturing environments are, by their nature, chaotic. nMetric embraces this constant change and the need for a real-time, dynamic scheduling. Our software studies resource attributes to schedule tasks and makes scheduling adjustments easy. Here we explore the fundamental differences between the nMetric solution and other similar software offerings.

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nMetric software provides capabilities in four main areas of any make-to-order enterprise, all uniquely powered and/or informed by patented Smart Job technology. Click on any capability to see the features and related benefits available that make scheduling easier and more productive in your organization.

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nTegrator® is a web service-based system that enables integration between nMetric and external systems. This permits external systems to populate and update the nMetric system with Smart Job information. The external systems can be ERP/MRP or another that provides information to assist in defining, updating or tracking the status of Smart Jobs. In addition, based on system usage, nTegrator can also be utilized to update the external system regarding SmartJobs including resources (e.g., personnel, equipment) assigned, scheduled times and SmartJob progress.

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