Value Proposition Videos


Smart Jobs at Work
Learn how Smart Job technology makes the task of production scheduling easier, more efficient, and provides unprecedented real-time visibility in even the most high-mix, discrete


Smarter Scheduling
nMetric introduces the underlying concepts of Smart Job Technology™. See how Smarter Scheduling™ leads to improved efficiency and on-time delivery.

Behind the Scheduling Board

Ping Pong Scheduling
Learn how the combination of backward scheduling and forward scheduling can improve on-time completion rates and provide ample notice of changes to manage production schedules successfully.

Term Fences
Term Fences help you clear near-term production schedules for tasks that cannot be completed due to a lack of material, engineering hold, pending credit, approval or other issues that prevent readiness.

Smart Job Scheduling Priority
Smart Job priority is determined through a rational process using job-specific information to create the optimal production schedule.

“Now” and the Dispatch Freeze Zone
The dispatch freeze zone is an nMetric feature that ensures jobs not ready for production do not impede jobs with the appropriate resources on hand for completion.

Linkage and Transport Time
Learn how dependent SmartJobs relate to one another, make use of transport time to work on a case-by-case basis, and manage work stoppages to make discrete manufacturing scheduling more efficient than ever before — yet more ways nMetric advanced scheduling software takes shop floor planning to the next level.


Thought Leadership Videos


The Fundamental Scheduling Problem
The factory floor has historically been a reactive environment, but nMetric provides the tools to anticipate challenges and proactively address jobs requiring additional time or resources, making on-time completion possible.


Smart Job Technology Roots
How probabilism and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle influenced the unique concept behind nMetric.


Knowing what you CAN do: Customer Success Story
The story of Sue Hall and how her focus on the things her factory could do eliminated missed orders and waste — a narrative that greatly shaped nMetric’s guiding principle.


Sequential Processing & the Impact of Resource Availability
A production plan is only effective when all resources are available and materials in place. nMetric understands this, providing a production scheduling solution that balances all contributing factors.


On-Time Delivery
Production scheduling disruptions are costly to both customer and supplier. nMetric helps ensure you never make another promise you can’t keep, which helps differentiate you from your competition.


Inventory & Cashflow
Inventory — although often counted on the balance book as cash equivalent — is not a liquid asset. The efficiencies nMetric yields help reduce inventory significantly, impacting your bottom line in a positive way.


When you can’t see what’s happening on the factory floor — now or in the future — it takes a lot more work to address your customer’s on-time demands.


Lean Manufacturing principles can limit visibility and can cause overproduction — a costly mistake. nMetric helps mange production flow and eliminate waste.