nMetric enters CRADA with NIST on M2M communication

July 5, 2016

COSTA MESA, CA – nMetric, developer of patented real-time scheduling software for complex manufacturing environments, has entered a CRADA (Collaborative Research and Development Agreement) with NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology).

nMetric and NIST have a shared vision of “The Connected Factory” and the benefits companies can achieve when communicating real-time data through productivity applications such as nMetric’s Smarter Scheduling® software. This collaborative research will focus on modifications that may be required with the MTConnect communication protocol, as well as, any developments that may be required in the network of connected devices and applications. The shared goal is to help define and drive advancements in communication protocols and connected device / application readiness that will enable productivity applications to seamlessly benefit from direct machine communication.

About nMetric

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, nMetric is the creator of patented nMetric dynamic scheduling software for complex manufacturing and project management environments. Driven by the company’s Smart Job® technology, the nMetric system uses real-time, closed-loop status reporting from Smart Job® software objects to provide full current and forward visibility into workload, orders and resource constraints. The system dynamically schedules multiple resources to tasks according to priority and continuously responds to frequent changes in demand and resource availability. nMetric software reports on activities as they occur, and allows fine-grain control over each task and job to accommodate real-world situations. This enhances schedule accuracy and keeps work moving as rapidly as possible, while avoiding expectations of unrealistic results. nMetric® 6.0 is a unique solution that allows organizations to achieve “Smarter scheduling®” and realize a higher level of efficiency, productivity, quality and reliability. Further information can be found at www.nmetric.com.