WHY nMetric?


nTegrator® is a web service-based system that enables integration between nMetric and external systems. This permits external systems to populate and update the nMetric system with Smart Job information. The external systems can be ERP/MRP or another that provides information to assist in defining, updating or tracking the status of Smart Jobs. In addition, based on system usage, nTegrator can also be utilized to update the external system regarding Smart Jobs including resources (e.g., personnel, equipment) assigned, scheduled times and Smart Job progress.

Methods of integration with the external systems are based on external system capabilities. For example, can the system generate events with necessary information, does it have an API for querying, or is direct database integration required?

Based on the level of detailed available in the external system, nTegrator can be configured to filter and “flesh out” Smart Job information so it can be used in scheduling.

A Smart Job can be mapped to a product order, service requested, or project.