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Achieving Stable Success in High-Change, High-Mix Manufacturing: Create a Coordinated Process with nMetric Scheduling Software

In most high-mix discrete manufacturing, “plant floor management” is a misnomer: schedules cannot be executed, production analysis is too late to help the next shift, and there is no visibility into bottlenecks, WIP, or order status. As a result, manufacturing is often not as reliable or profitable in meeting customer demand as it could be. This environment has plagued high-mix and job shop manufacturers for years. Fortunately, that can now change.

Why nMetric takes a different approach to scheduling

The key is to coordinate four functions: production planning, execution, tracking, and analysis.

  • Planning and particularly detailed scheduling must be aware of what has just happened in the plant (execution) to effectively update the schedules and plans.
  • Execution can only tell whether the next activity is feasible with automatic tracking of resources and orders, parsed through a dynamic scheduler that sees current and near-term constraints.
  • Execution and planning both need intelligence of what happened in previous runs to optimize for the best customer outcomes, either immediately or in the future.
  • Tracking and intelligence become directors for improvement rather than just static reports when integrated to execution, planning, and scheduling.

nMetric’s dynamic scheduling software includes and synchronizes these four key functions. Focused on scheduling in a high change environment, nMetric includes elements of planning, manufacturing execution, tracking, and analysis, all supporting each other seamlessly to create an effective process. The result is a proactive ability to manage the shop floor and schedule the near-term future as reality shifts.
High-mix factories need real plant floor management. Only with this coordinated approach can a company reliably improve the factory’s performance on what matters most to the customers and shareholders: getting orders out on time at a low cost, reliably and consistently.