Scheduling in Action

nMetric scheduling software transforms scheduling.

nMetric has one guiding principle; make the job of scheduling easier, less time consuming, and more productive.

Complex work environments require a high number of sequential dependent tasks using qualified resources at each step. Multiple resources and strings of tasks have to be tracked simultaneously. Yet schedulers and managers often have little or no visibility of current and upcoming demands on any resource.

nMetric dynamic scheduling software completely changes that reality. It breaks down work into a series of self-routing, self-supervising Smart Job distributed software objects. Smart Jobs reserve the resources required to ensure task completion according to their capabilities and specifications – what we call “attribute-based scheduling” – so they can find suitable resources if their original choices become unavailable.


While other software uses optimization algorithms based on specific goals, nMetric uses heuristics and probability. This gives our software the flexibility to adapt to change, complexity and real-time events that could otherwise derail the schedule.

Complete visibility and greater adaptability
Smart Jobs also provide you with real-world, real-time status feedback. The nMetric system dynamically combines task completion data with information from other existing systems and software to virtually replicate your environment, graphically. You always have a highly accurate and dynamic view of your organization’s capabilities, with complete resource demand visibility, so you’re able to:

  • See the status of all tasks and resources along with the realistic expected
    completion of task strings, even as adjustments and changes occur
  • Know the ramification of delays
  • React quickly to changes in resource availability, identify equivalent resources and see the effect changes have on dependent tasks.

Your choice – SaaS or integrated enterprise solution
nMetric is provided as an integrated enterprise solution, making it practical for companies of any size, and will soon be offered as a web-based SaaS (software as a service). If you use ERP or other legacy systems to manage demand, nMetric has partnered with Talend to create easy-to-implement integration with those systems to enable two-way communication of relevant data.

nMetric scheduling software is currently available for High-Mix Discrete Manufacturing applications. Solutions for Project-Based Manufacturing, Depot-Style Maintenance, and Project Management (PM) will be released during 2012, with further application solutions scheduled for 2013.

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