Manufacturing’s Forgotten Art

Is it possible to maintain an accurate, optimized production schedule in a high mix, high volatility world?

Scheduling in a high-mix, high-volatility manufacturing environment is difficult, at best. ERP scheduling modules, paper travelers, scheduling spreadsheets, and white boards can no longer keep up with the pace of change. But if you just accept the resulting lack of forward visibility into shop floor operation status and demand, you accept too many hidden costs. These are spelled out in the “unseen scheduling issues” e-book available on this page.

You can change this situation. nMetric scheduling software gives you the tools you need to dynamically and proactively manage change. It was created by manufacturers for manufacturers. Watch this short video for an introduction to their concept of self-routing “Smart Jobs,” the basis of nMetric Smarter Scheduling®.

Since then, nMetric has developed a proprietary solution that gives you real-time visibility into every operation on the shop floor. It enables the dynamic scheduling agility you need to keep up with the rapid pace of change – with less scrap, less overtime, more output from your resources, a more efficient workplace and, most importantly, happier customers. This video explains how it works.


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