The nMetric team has one guiding principle: make the job of scheduling easier, less time consuming and more productive.

We are a scheduling and task management software developer with patents on the Smart Job style of dynamic scheduling. Our founders and management team have background in manufacturing and a passion for helping turn high-mix, chaotic production environments into more manageable and profitable ones.

nMetric is very different from other scheduling software systems. It doesn’t schedule a person, a machine or a vehicle. It schedules resources based on required attributes – the combination of capabilities and specifications needed to complete a given task efficiently and on time. So any resource with the needed attributes and time availability can be used, for the greatest possible scheduling flexibility.

In addition, while other solutions use optimization algorithms based on specific goals, nMetric uses heuristics and probability. This gives our software the ability to adapt to change, complexity and real-time events that could otherwise derail the schedule.

nMetric is currently provided as an integrated enterprise solution — and will soon be offered as a web-based SaaS (software as a service) — making it practical for companies of any size. If you use ERP software or other legacy systems to manage demand, nMetric has partnered with Talend to create our nTegrator™ methodology enabling easy-to-implement integration with existing systems to enable two-way communication of relevant data.



Christine Koski
Christine Koski joined nMetric in 2006 as Vice President of Technical Marketing and became CEO in January of 2011. Koski spent the first 20 years of her career in the chemical industry, gaining experience in a range of disciplines including sales, logistics and fulfillment, purchasing, marketing and management. Following four years at Hoechst AG in Germany, Koski was appointed Global Marketing Manager for the Celanese Chemical Company’s $400 million Acrylic Acid and Monomers business unit. After leaving Celanese, she drew on her multifaceted experience to found Koski Consulting Group, a business strategy and marketing consulting firm for startup and emerging companies. Since 2000, Koski has been a board member of Sun Hydraulics, a leading manufacturer of valves and manifolds for fluid power systems worldwide, and since 2009 has been a board member of Oragenics, a nutraceuticals company focusing on probiotics for oral health. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at St. Lawrence University and is a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Cox Executive MBA program.

Michael Worden
Chief Revenue Officer
Michael Worden, Chief Revenue Officer at nMetric, is a business management executive with extensive experience in manufacturing operations management, software services and sales. Prior to joining nMetric, Worden led global sales, client services, and production management at IBM, Raytheon, TRW, and Dell delivering complex, multi-million dollar global services contracts and manufacturing operations. He attended Syracuse University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and later secured his post-graduate MBA from Purdue University.

Ryan Heaton
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Consolidated Support
Ryan Heaton is responsible for customer support and technology infrastructure, communication, collaboration and other technical services for nMetric, including external support of customers and partners. Heaton has more than 16 years’ experience in Information Technology and call center management, including over ten years of senior management experience. Heaton’s customer support and call center management experience covered multiple clients at multiple locations, including advanced call queuing and routing to specialized teams or back-up centers. His Technical Services experience spans extensive network infrastructure solutions required for global support and collaboration. He joined nMetric in 2006 after serving as Manager, IT Operations for Bituminous Insurance Companies. He has also served as Manager, Information Systems for 4C Solutions, Inc. and Production Manager for Convergys Corporation.

David Brudnicki
UI Product Development Leader
David Brudnicki is the UI Product Development Leader at nMetric, where he is responsible for the architecture, implementation and deployment of the Web based capabilities of the nMetric application. With over 20 years of experience in software development David has previously managed software development teams at Thales-Raytheon and Starwood Vacation Owenership and has contracted or worked with several manufacturing companies such as Fleetwood RV, Standard Register, IAMS and Chapco Carton.

Product Development Leader
Stephen Cook is Product Development Leader at nMetric, where Steve will lead the Product Development Team focused on the continuous improvement of the nMetric Scheduling Engine and Analytical Capabilities of the nMetric Scheduling Software. Prior to joining nMetric, Cook founded or co-founded a number of internet businesses and served as Special Projects Manager of Technology Ventures Corporation, a nonprofit assistance program founded by Lockheed Martin in 1993 to help entrepreneurs to develop successful technology-based companies and create high-wage jobs in communities.

Cook earned his B.S. in Physics from New Mexico Tech, and his Masters of Business Administration from the Robert O. Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. His technical specialties include rapid and agile development, database and schema design, network architecture, clustered computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence. He is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

George “Mac” Joiner III
Client Services
Joiner, a veteran Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) professional, is responsible for overseeing development projects and supporting sales efforts and customer satisfaction and care issues from a product support perspective. Prior to joining nMetric, he was a Senior Consultant at DemandPoint, Inc., and was a co-founder, Vice President and Senior Consultant at Alternative Manufacturing Methods. Joiner has comprehensive expertise in analyzing business processes, and has led or overseen projects focusing on total supply chain re-engineering, factory conversions, transactional processes, inventory right sizing, customer satisfaction, and other areas of operations. Joiner has also co-founded a computer network services company, served as Business Manager for a system optimization service and was New Products Materials Manager for a multi-national computer manufacturer.

David Dowler
Client Services
David Dowler is responsible for overseeing, managing and leading multiple nMetric development projects. He is also in charge of total quality and supports sales efforts, customer satisfaction and care issues from a product support perspective. Dowler’s broad expertise includes extensive experience in Lean Six Sigma implementation, Business Performance Improvement (BPI), Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) and Lean Manufacturing tools and principles. Before joining nMetric, he was Management Consultant for Strategy and Operations at AMM, Director of Technology at DemandPoint Inc. and Co-Founder, President and Senior Management Consultant at Alternative Manufacturing Methods. Dowler holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration, majoring in Operations and Materials, from the General Motors Institute of Technology in Flint, Michigan.

Linda Wright-Winterfeld
Client Services
Linda is responsible for managing all aspects of the client deployment of the nMetric Software Solution, including the support of sales and customer satisfaction and care. She has extensive experience in client consultation and training in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma and process design for both the manufacturing and service industries. Prior to joining nMetric she held positions as Senior Consultant and Principal with companies such as Incito Consulting Group and Accenture. Linda also founded a Process Design and Continuous Improvement company and served as CEO and Consultant. She holds certificates as a Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University and as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Accenture. She attended New Mexico State University where she obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees.

Jonathan Watt
Professional Services
Jonathan Watts joined nMetric in 2009 as a Solution Architect for Client Integration and is now responsible for Professional Services. He has spent more than 30 years developing and deploying software applications and systems, with the past 20 years in Professional Services. Watts has worked extensively with Federal Government and both American and international commercial clients, focusing on database, enterprise systems management, scheduling and automated support solutions. Prior to nMetric, he was with SupportSoft, IBM and Verity, among other companies. Watts earned a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia and a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Computer Science from Heidelberg University (Ohio).

Shana Rizzone
General Management
Shana Rizzone joined nMetric in September 2006 as Office Manager, eventually assuming the role of General Management in January 2011. Shana’s responsibilities include management and oversight in the areas of Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Facilities Management and Legal. A professional with over 30 years’ experience in finance and management for a variety of industries — including aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and repair, transportation and corporate finance — Shana holds a BS in Business Administration with certifications in HR and Law. With her husband, Shana has started, owned and operated multiple businesses in the past 25 years. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for S&A Operations.

Corporate Address:

4475 Trinity Mills Rd., #700668
Dallas, TX 75370